Our business

ABYLSEN's know-how combines technological excellence and business expertise.
It relies on the closeness built up with the few major industries chosen by ABYLSEN.
Its culture of commitment guarantees the success of assignments with which it is entrusted.

The quality of the expertise and advice given to the customer results from each consultant's individual talent and capitalising on the company's experience. For each of its preferred areas, there is a network of dedicated skills within each group relying on a capitalisation process and sharing of knowledge.

Consulting and services in engineering –
Technical Assistance

Operation in AT or Service Centre

Studies, Research and Development

Engineering science is the core of ABYLSEN's business. Our high-level consultants are able to support and assist SMEs and the largest French companies as part of their projects on study and design phases in all industries. Our teams of consultants are specialised in the following areas:

  • Mechanics
  • Processes
  • Electricity
  • Automation/Instrumentation
  • Civil Engineering
Organisation, Operational Performance

Our development has led us to support and assist our customers towards cross-disciplinary business as part of their projects such as:

  • Project management
  • Purchasing
  • Contract monitoring
  • Quality assurance/Quality control
  • Logistics
  • Qualification validation
IT and telecommunication business

The IT industry is undergoing changes and therefore requires an increasing number of engineers. To do this, ABYLSEN is positioning itself as a major player capable of supporting and assisting the industrial and service sectors in their transformation on the entire cycle of an IT/Telecom project from study and design to post-production management on technical aspects or project management:

  • MOA / MOE
  • Systems and networks
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial engineering
  • Information security
  • Quality


Internalised fixed price
Externalised fixed price

ABYLSEN has set up a structure and organisation enabling us to meet the demands of the market, on a fixed price mode. Our ability to capitalise our skills and knowledge acquired in Technical Assistance makes Abylsen a company capable of taking over all or part of your projects, through teams deployed on your premises or close by.