Energy, in its different forms (oil, gas, nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, etc.), is not an asset like others, it constitutes the basis of our development model.

Partner of major energy industrialists in implementing EPC (Engineering - Procurement - Construction) contracts

ABYLSEN has shown, by relying on it historical skill in electricity production and its expertise in technologies and processes, its high level of know-how in implementing EPC (Engineering - Procurement - Construction) contracts for energy sector infrastructures.

Its teams of engineers, experts in various disciplines that are central to the projects, actively participate in their success.

We are developing our business in all segments of the fossil sectors (oil, natural gas, coal, uranium) and renewable energies:

  • Upstream: exploration, development and production
  • Downstream: refining, transport, distribution

Our know-how applies to all phases of implementing the most complex projects  (FPSO, GFLNG, new generation nuclear power plant, etc.):

  • design
  • installation

We provide assistance and support for our customers in France and internationally

We provide them with our skills organised into two areas of expertise

Our Studies, Research and Development expertise is involved in the project planning and detailed studies phases

  • Processes: refining, LNG, processing, waste treatment, steam cycle, etc.
  • Civil engineering, offshore: concrete, metal structures, offshore structure
  • Mechanics, equipment: piping, valves, supports, rotating machines, ASP,P,
  • packages, HVAC
  • Electricity, instrumentation: high/low voltage, automation, instrumentation, control-command

Our OPO (Organisation, Operational Performance) expertise is involved in the operational phases and project management

  • Management: project management, project coordination, team management
  • Project control: estimates, planning, cost control,  monitoring contract, complaints/claims
  • Procurement: material purchases, works contracts, recovery/expediting, monitoring production, inspection
  • Construction: implementation, installations, pre-commissioning, commissioning