Heavy Industry

Involvement regionally, nationally and throughout the world:

In the engineering centres of major groups where large-scale equipment for factories of the future are dreamed up, designed then produced.

In our customers' R&D departments and design offices, where new factories suited to the technical and environmental constraints of major companies all over the world are dreamed up.

At the heart of production centres in France, Europe, America, India, Africa... integrating technical, environmental, cultural and economic constraints which are always different.

Project cycle from A to Z

We participate in creating factories and complete material handling lines all over the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, America...

  • Design / dimensioning of major equipment: mechanical assemblies, automated processes, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic dimensioning …
  • Machining/assembly/equipment tests in workshops
  • Cross-functional coordination: Cost control, customer interface, project quality, purchasing…
  • Inspection/monitoring subcontracting on site: French subcontractors, but also Indian, Chinese, Saudi …
  • Supervision of assembling finished equipment regionally and abroad:  furnaces, conveyors, straddle carriers, grinders, crushers,  continuous flow lines, tank equipment…
  • Commissioning equipment, and the factory:

    • Nuclear power stations
    • Thermal power stations
    • Mining sites
    • Petrochemical sites
    • Offshore oil and gas installations 
    • Steelworks…


  • Project direction / coordination
  • Project / work planning
  • Project cost control
  • Contract management
  • Study, research and development, calculation and design guidance:

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical engineering
    • Automation…
  • Supervision: Involvement regionally, nationally and throughout the world:

    • Site management
    • Supervision of TEC assembly: Automation / Electricity / Mechanics / Civil engineering
    • Site coordination / site security
    • Supplier inspection 
  • Quality

    • Health safety and environment
    • System quality
    • Project quality
    • Product quality
    • Supplier quality QA/QC Management
  • Purchasing:

    • Project
    • CAPEX
    • Equipment
    • Sourcing specialist
    • Cost Killing