Intervention on behalf of a Social welfare group

Mathilde has been a consultant at Abylsen for almost 4 years. She has been involved in several projects in the insurance or social welfare sector and in particular as part of a project for SI migration and integration.

This project led to Mathilde managing the project under the following technical environment:

  • Zos
  • DB2, SAS
  • VPN, VPLS, MPLS network

The objectives were the following:

  • SI migration/integration
  • Coordinating participants
  • Assisting with project management
  • Organising revenue
  • Defining and communicating procedures (incidents, new requests…)
  • Planning

Her participation concerned several projects:

  • Migrating several complete Information Systems between 120 and 800 work stations 
  • Carrying out a tender for renewal of more than 640 laptops 
  • Deploying a Wi-Fi solution on several sites in France
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