Pharmaceutical / Chemistry

ABYSLEN is involved in the world of chemistry and the pharmaceutical industry as part of operations for new work or revamping projects.

Interventions at all industrial stages of projects

We carry out, from the pre-project phases to the equipment commissioning phases, interventions concerning:

  • Engineering,
  • Prime contractor and project management
  • Quality assurance,
  • Qualification / validation phase, test/commissioning phase.

Our support and assistance also continues in the operation phases and in particular on reliability and optimisation projects.

Extremely diversified areas

We support and assist our customers in areas concerning, for example, problems with:

  • HVAC,
  • fluids,
  • automation,
  • electrical engineering (instrumentation, maintenance, etc.),
  • chemical, pharmaceutical processes (dry, liquid or semi-liquid forms) and biotechnological processes.

Our expertise enables us to master standards such as ATEX, DESP, BPF (GMP) and security issues.