Managerial Careers

ABYLSEN's growth depends on the talent and level of commitment of its business engineers.

The job of a business engineer, a three-dimensional job






The recruitment process

The entire purpose of the recruitment process is straight talking and jointly identifying if you would be able to achieve success as a business engineer at ABYLSEN.

Your development: FORTIUS

Fortius's objective: to develop your skills, your potential and fully integrate you into the ABYLSEN company culture.


In addition to FORTIUS sessions, our business managers and Corporate function have the opportunity to meet up at 3 high points in the year: Kick-off: a real launch pad for the year / Tremplin: to define new areas for development / Annual convention: to share our vision and enjoy some "fun" and "full on" time together

Your Development in 3 stages

1. Business Engineer

You develop your customer portfolio, progressively build up and manage a team of consultants.
You develop your relational and commercial skills due to daily support from your Coach Manager.
After a few months, you take part in Fortius training - First and Fortius - Advanced enables you to consolidate what you have learned and develop your network within the ABYLSEN Group.

2. Coach Manager

You continue developing your customer portfolio while coaching new Business engineers You develop your managerial skills and leadership due to your coaching work. A Fortius - Potential training course enables you to have a better understanding of this Manager role and improve your ranges. 

3. ABYLSEN Director

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible to the shareholders for your company's results.
You define the Business Units' objectives and "coach" your managers to achieve the defined business plan.
You are capable of innovating, taking risks, to develop your company at a fast pace.