Aeronautics / Space / Defence

ABYLSEN provides technical expertise for people in the Aeronautics/Space/Defence industry at the different phases of a product's life cycle: design, manufacture and maintaining in operational condition.


Our design teams carry out or guide design of products (mechanics, electronics, optronics, software).


In the operational phase, we also participate in monitoring production, process optimisation and setting up continuous improvement actions (Lean, VSM, 5S...). The issues connected with this industry involve providing support on "Maintaining in operational condition" for products that our customers guarantee up to 30 years after their production. Our expertise in this field enables us to let them benefit from our knowledge of the world of Aeronautics/Space/Defence, it standards and its constraints, in an environment requiring total confidentiality.


During industrialisation our consultants:

  • contribute their technical skills to the "concurrent engineering" phases
  • guide the entire industrialisation project consisting of defining the production processes and means (tooling, test benches…) as well as the partners involved, right up to start of production 
  • guarantee compliance with QCD triple focus