Infrastructure / Transport

Demographic growth results in a constant need to keep transport networks at an optimum level whether they are road, rail or air. This essential development involves difficult regional planning choices and changes urban and rural landscapes. ABYLSEN has chosen to be one of the players in these developments, hence the strategic choice to develop in this sector, which constitutes a basis for sustainable economic growth, in France and which involves our engineers' work over time.

Business positioning

Our engineering offer is characterised by a business positioning recognised by our partners and is divided into two main areas:

Research and development studies

  • APS / APD / PRO  studies (technical specifications, dimensioning, drawing up plans)
  • Drawing up impact studies, building consents, files on water law, ICPE (Facilities Listed for the Protection of the Environment) …
  • Control and validation of EXE studies
  • Implementation of ACTs and drawing up DCEs
  • Work phasing methods and studies

Organisation and operational performance

  • Project guidance and management (quality, costs, deadlines)
  • DET (work contract management, works supervision)
  • OPC
  • AOR, tests and acceptance

Personalised career path

We offer a personalised career path for each of our consultants in the areas of:

  • Site plans, earthworks, railway tracks and rebuilding roads
  • Roads and main networks and drainage work
  • Engineered structures and complex structures
  • Traction (sub-station and catenaries) and high voltage
  • Railway signalling, telecom and low voltages (video surveillance, ticketing systems, HVAC, access control)

Technical, industrial and human challenges

The operations in which ABYLSEN is involved are true industrial technical challenges but also human ones. In our business, each consultant is able to find the satisfaction of having made an important contribution to a project.

  • High-speed railway line project - South Europe Atlantic, between Tours and Bordeaux, with Inexia and Egis
  • Project for regeneration of track ballast on the Pau-Oloron line with Inexia
  • Project for construction of lines 6 and 7 of Parisian tramways and Toulouse line with Setec
  • Study project for rectification station and overhead contact lines for Besançon tramway lines with Inexia and Orléans tramways or Puy-de-Dôme rack-railway with SNC Lavalin
  • Project for renovation of rectification stations and  electrical cabinets for the Marseilles metro in the operational phase with Colas Rail
  • Study project for motorway equipment and video surveillance with ASF or toll systems with Escota
  • Urban development project at la Défense with Artelia

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